Frequently Asked Questions

Some useful information about the program

Am I eligible?

These workshops are open to parents of children aged between 3-16 years, with a clinical diagnosis of autism. Families are welcome whether they have a pet dog or not.

Will my pet dog get public access rights?

Pet dogs will not receive public access rights or become registered assistance dogs.

I don’t yet have a pet dog. Do I need to get one before I attend the workshops?

Owning a pet dog is not a requirement. We have designed workshops for both families who do not yet have a dog but are considering giving a home to one, as well as those families who already have a dog in the home.

Will you supply a pet dog for me?

We’re unable to supply a pet dog for you as each family will have different requirements and preferences and so will be suited to different dogs. The workshops will cover information on topics such as factors to consider when thinking about getting a pet dog, what type of dog to look for, and the options for sourcing a dog. Find out more about the workshops here.

How do I attend the PAWS Workshops?

Registrations are currently closed for our 2018 sessions, we will update our website when we have more information on session availability.

Is there a cost for joining the PAWS Project?

As we are a charity, there is a one off cost of $70 payable at workshop one. This covers all materials given, lunch and refreshments at each workshop.

Will I be able to bring my child along to the workshops?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer childcare during the workshops. The workshops are designed to provide parents with the necessary information and experience to take home with them to introduce to the rest of the family. The majority of workshops are held during school hours to hopefully make arranging childcare easier.

Will I be able to bring my pet dog along to the workshops?

For a number of reasons, including not having the necessary facilities, we do not allow pet dogs to attend workshops. We will provide dogs for practical elements where appropriate.

Will I be able to purchase materials and access support without attending the workshops?

Due to the nature of the PAWS Project, it is necessary for at least one parent to attend all three workshops.

Workshops will include a considerable amount of demonstrations, discussions and opportunities for practical dog handling, and so the support materials alone will not be sufficient to cover the PAWS Project.


Each Assistance Dog costs over $35,000 to train

This includes everything from purchasing a puppy to food, vaccinations, training and placement. Assistance Dogs are provided free of charge to people in need.

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